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Another incredible ILTACON is a wrap!

Like last year's conference and the starship Enterprise, we boldly went where no one has gone before. Last year's first all-virtual conference was followed by this year’s first hybrid conference. These last two years have been incredibly challenging. Nevertheless, we managed to meet our members where they were and make our annual gathering, so important for many of us, a reality. In a 'normal' year, this does not happen without extraordinary effort. You can only imagine the challenging work it took by our volunteer committee, ILTA full-time staff, and the support of our business partner community to plan and execute this in-person and hybrid ILTACON 2021 experience.

To the ILTACON Team Coordinators who helped make important strategic decisions for the event, supported their team of volunteers, and navigated the difficulties of conference scenarios with ease and poise - thank you! Your teamwork and dedication made ILTACON 2021 the success it was.

Every session that you see at Conference is not only the work of the speakers but also a dedicated group of volunteers. These volunteers take ownership of each session. They partner with the speakers throughout the process to ensure the sessions meet the high quality and business value standards we've all come to expect from ILTACON. This year we were fortunate enough to work with this excellent group of volunteers representing the diversity of talent and subject matters across our organization. Thank you!

It's been a privilege to work with everyone mentioned above. Congratulations to every one of you for another successful year. Finally, we would be remiss if we did not thank our conference sponsors and attendees! Without your attendance and sponsorship, ILTACON would not happen. We cannot wait to see how ILTACON 2022 will unfold with Martha Breil and Scott David as Co-Chairs.

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Michael J. Viscito
Data Center & Systems Engineering Manager
Seyfarth Shaw LLP

Martha Breil
Legal Service Delivery Manager
Cooley LLP

Some of our favorite moments:

Mike: My favorite moment of ILTACON 2021 was the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Mae Jemison and talk about her life and career and the advice that she’d have to share with us about tackling projects that may seem impossible. I was really fascinated by her story long before learning that she was going to speak at our keynote, so it’s something I’ll remember forever.

One of my favorite educational sessions this year was “Common Security Worst Practices.” In addition to being moderated by Jim McKenna in a tuxedo, the panel shared a lot of great thoughts about how to avoid making the most common mistakes when we’re trying to keep our environment secure. Lots of ‘take it back home’ tips for how to overcome the hurtles you may run into trying to correct these mistakes many of us continue to make.

Martha: I have a series of memorable moments. In the interest of space, I’ll highlight two. The first was arriving at the thank you dinner for our amazing conference team and greeting those who were able to attend in person, many for the first time. The enthusiasm, passion, and “we got this” attitude everyone exuded was something I didn’t know I needed until that moment. From this point forward, I knew ILTACON 2021 was going to be the success it was.

The second was the opening keynote delivered by Dr. Mae Jemison, including the question-and-answer session following it facilitated by my co-chair Mike Viscito. The vision Dr. Jemison shared challenged everyone to think differently about science and technology and to avoid complacency. It was the perfect way to set the theme and tone for ILTACON 2021!



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Microsoft Teams Takes Center Stage

Ewww, David! Change Management and User Group lessons learned from The Roses

Redefining the Delivery of Legal Services

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What People Are Saying

My #ILTACON2021 Meant “Evolution”

From keynotes to conference sessions to events, legal teams everywhere are reinventing how they engage with both legal work and each other in light of COVID-19. At ILTACON this year, firm leaders, technologists, and tech companies were front and center sharing best practices about how to not just keep up, but also thrive.

I am proud of the ILTA Community. We have set the precedent for the legal tech hybrid conference. We have more total registered participants than our last in-person conference in 2019. The education is phenomenal, the conversations are meaningful, and we are excited to build on those lessons learned to deliver ever more valuable educational and networking opportunities.

Joy Heath Rush, CEO, ILTA

Whether in person, remote, or hybrid, Thursday always comes SO quickly during ILTACON...Thanks to all who make it happen! And for those on the fence, jump in and volunteer – it's a fantastic experience!

Michele Gossmeyer (via Boomset Chat)

This is my third ILTACON. I always enjoy coming to ILTACON and seeing some of the new products that are on the market, the new technology people are using, and obviously connecting with my peers. This year has obviously been a really strange one, but it’s been especially nice to see some of my colleagues within the firm. Across the country, we’ve gathered here this week and made it into a little retreat of our leadership team, and meeting in person with some of our vendors and service partners who we’ve been working with and been able to connect with them as well.

Jessica Hasen, Senior Counsel at Perkins Coie LLP

Thank you for another great ILTACON. We’re proud to be members of such an engaged and innovative community...

iManage (via Twitter)

Join us next year!

National Harbor, Maryland
Sunday, 21 August 2022 - Thursday, 25 August 2022