Monday Keynote


Peak Tech: Arts, Sciences, and Humanity Required

Dr. Mae Jemison

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Monday Keynote Recap

Dr. Mae Jemison, Engineer, Physician, Entrepreneur, and Former NASA Astronaut joined the ILTACON 2021 Keynote stage on Monday, 23 August, to share her perspectives on the frontiers of science and human potential. She weaved together her story of how growing up in Chicago, achieving her goal of traveling into space, being a part of the Star Trek universe, her training in engineering, dance, African Studies and medicine, pursuing the capabilities for human interstellar travel thru the 100 Year Starship global initiative, led to the creation of the LOOK UP program and Skyfie app.

Not only was her presentation full of information to get space nerds excited, but it also left us inspired to think of the bigger picture of life, sciences, and legal tech.

As one digital ILTACON attendee noted in the chat feature, “She was so practical, balanced, and reasonable! And yet so very, very accomplished. Someone everyone can aspire to be!”

Dr. Jemison’s speech emphasized the need for a shared understanding of our connections across time and space for humans to thrive into the future. She said we need to think about “how do we interact with people? How do we use our humanity to move forward, to keep moving?” We must be aware that not all technologies are researched or tested in the same societal context in which they are deployed.

Look Up connects us through what’s above us -- we share the same sky. Ask more questions, share more moments, change people’s behaviors. Start appreciating how truly we are all interconnected.

As Jemison said, “The more we share, the more we have. That is when we’ll reach peak technology!”