Legal Innovation Hub

Bringing together key buyers of legal services, with the providers, talent and the investor community.

ILTA's Legal Innovation Hub

Legal services has been seeing market shifts, which have significantly accelerated during the pandemic. There is expanded use of technologies to automate, streamline, or outsource repeatable legal activity which has made legal services into a $14B market which continues to see double digit growth. The role of the General Counsel (GC) has evolved to that of a strategic advisor to the C-suite on issues such as business growth, governance, risk, and compliance in addition to legal. Many smaller law firms and corporate law departments are underserved by the current legal service providers. These conditions all point to additional growth for legal service providers who will need funding and talent to grow to meet the market needs.

ILTA is positioned at the center of the legal services ecosystem.

We're launching the ILTA Legal Innovation Hub to better meet the changing needs of its members and the legal community at large. The ILTA Legal Innovation Hub is poised to introduce key buyers of legal services with the providers, the talent, and the investor community. The Hub will be launched in 3 phases:

  • 1
    Investment Hub
    Invite select investors to have priority access to legal tech and services providers for potential investments and vetted talent.
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  • 2
    Talent Marketplace
    Bring vetted legal and business talent to support players in the ecosystem.

  • 3
    Innovation Marketplace
    Identify and scale vetted technologies and services to meet the needs of the small corporations and law firms.

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The purpose of this online community is to foster discussion and share learnings from the entire StartUp ecosystem including ILTA Members, Vendors, Private Equity, and other investors with an interest in this community.

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Who we are

International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) is an association focused on educating and connecting legal professionals with their peers. While ILTA has a strong focus on technology, the offerings support legal professionals in law firms, corporates, and government legal operations, all sharing a common need to have access to the products and services that impact the legal profession. Currently ILTA has more than 25,000 members. More than 2/3 of ILTA’s members are smaller law firms and corporations. Legal technology and service providers participate in ILTA events to showcase their products and services to buyers of legal services.


Legal Investment Hub

The ILTA Investment Hub will launch on 22 August 2021 at the ILTACON event in Las Vegas, and will include the following:

An industry expert liaison to work with each investor to understand their needs and interests.

Quarterly pitch sessions with legal tech start-ups of interest. The first one will be scheduled for October 2021.

Monthly panel discussions with subject matter experts and talent with legal expertise to share insights on the industry.

Monthly newsletters with latest news on investor activity, firms looking for investments, up and coming start-ups, and areas of growth.

Expert talent with legal industry, business growth, and investment expertise.

An invitation to an event held in conjunction with ILTACON – the premier educational and networking event for the legal community each August, including:

  • Invitation-only networking sessions and dinners with leaders of law firms, corporate legal departments, and successful LegalTechs
  • Panel discussions with industry and business leaders on key issues, needs, and areas of growth or gaps
  • One-on-one meetings with LegalTechs, talent of interest, and legal start-ups with significant potential

Benefits to investors

  • Insights into business and market trends and needs from buyers of legal services.
  • Priority access to providers of legal services that are aligned with investor interests and have potential for significant revenue growth.
  • Access to service providers in areas adjacent to legal services, such as governance, risk, compliance, analytics, etc., that are of interest to corporations and law firms.
  • Networking opportunities with leading corporations, law firms, successful CEOs, and business professionals in legal services.
  • On-demand access to subject matter experts with legal industry, business growth, and investment knowledge for consultations.
  • Access to fractional or full-time vetted legal talent for execution on business priorities, deals, etc.

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22-26 August 2021