Monday Keynote

Pablos Holman

Innovate or Die Trying: From the Mind of a World-Renowned Hacker
If you've been to an ILTACON keynote presentation before, you know we've featured futurists. To start off our 40th ILTACON, we're turning up the dial with a futurist, inventor and notorious hacker who has a unique view into breaking and building new technologies, which leads to new approaches to solving world problems. Pablos works on projects that assimilate new technologies and make wild ideas more practical. What are computers yet to accomplish? What advancements will legal technology experience? ILTA members are concerned with disruption by legal startups and the need for innovation. Pablos will help us think differently about how we could solve some of our legal technology challenges.

Wednesday News Show

Ken Rutkowski

ILTA's News Show
What began as a small pilot episode at ILTACON 2016 is now a full-blown news show at ILTACON 2017. Wednesday after lunch, ILTA’s News Show will be hosted by Ken Rutkowski, talk show host of the “Voice of Disruption” program, the insider’s guide to global disruptive leaders, and co-founder of the #1 business radio talk show in America, “Business Rockstars.” Ken will cover current technologies and news about disruption, and he’ll prognosticate on the future. Expect live interviews and prerecorded bits from surprise guests.